Installing Windows 8 with Bootable Media


You can use the following basic steps to install Windows 8 using the boot media (Setup disc or USB flash drive) you just created. Note that since this process is advanced, we assume you know what you’re doing and will only be providing basic instructions.

• Back up: You’re pretty much on your own with this one, but you will want to back up all of the important data and other files on your PC if you are installing Windows 8 onto an existing machine. This is true regardless of whether you plan to perform a clean install, in‑place upgrade, or migration. Remember: better safe than sorry.


If you’re upgrading or migrating, you will run Windows Setup from within your existing version of Windows and not boot the PC with the media you created.


• Boot the PC with your Windows Setup media: You will most likely need to interrupt your PC’s boot process in order to boot from a USB memory key, especially. But this could be true for a bootable DVD as well. Consult your PC documentation–or pay attention when the BIOS screen appears–to discover how this works on your particular machine.

• Run Windows Setup: The Windows 8 boot disc (or disk) will prompt you to Install Windows or access its recovery tools. Choose Install Windows, of course, and step through the wizard‑based application. The initial steps are very similar to those described in the previous section about the web‑based installer, though you will not be provided with an opportunity to generate a compatibility report.

• Use the OOBE: After a few reboots, Windows Setup will load the out‑of‑box experience (OOBE), stepping you through the final configuration of your PC and user account. This process is identical to that described in the previous section about the web‑based installer.

• Post‑install tasks: After you’ve signed in to Windows and have accessed the Windows 8 Start screen for the first time, the real fun begins. You’ll need to copy back any data, documents, and other files, reapply your personal settings, install Windows‑based applications and new Metro‑style apps, and, of course, ensure that Windows is up to date, both with software and driver updates.

We discuss this latter activity in the next section.



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