Read and translate the sentences. 1. Good evening, Raymond

1. Good evening, Raymond. Let me introduce David Bruce, one of my colleagues. 2. “Mrs Johnson?” “Please, call me by my first name.” 3. We don’t use surnames – it’s too formal. 4. Her name’s Tanya and she’s from Los Angeles. We both graduated from the same high school in LA. 5. Ever heard of a girl named Emma Handley? 6. When she was at school she wasverygood at art. 7. Actually I’m not very keen on modern art. 8. You may not like her, but you have to admit that she’s good at her job. 9. I must admit I never wasvery good at dancing. 10. I’vealways been interested incars, ever since I was a child. 11. Margaret became interested in acting when she was a student at Cambridge. 12. She has her likes and dislikes as we all have. 13. I don’t know why you dislike my father so much. 14. Josh turned round to shake hands and exchange greetingswith some of his friends. 15. Their behaviour towards their guests tends to be rather formal. 16. What time does Jim arrive? 17. Half our guests arrived late, making the usual excuses. 18. Let me know the date and time of your arrival. 19. Their guests were given a very warm welcome on arrival. 20. During my stay in Japan, I was treated with great politeness by everyone I met. 21. Mrs Thomas is a very ableteacher. 22. Laura’s smart and she has plenty of ambition. She’s sure to get a good job. 23. You have to be very intelligent to go to Oxford University. 24. My sister was always thecleverest student in her class. 25. Ann has very good language skills. 26. Adrian was a skilledarchitect. 27. Gascoigne is an extremely skilful player. 28. I feel very proud when people admire my work. 29. Mr Bruce is a very experienced teacher; he has been working in this school for twenty years. 30. I realize now that at the age of eighteen I was very naïve and inexperienced. 31. The pop star’s wife politely refused any requests for interviews. 32. Alan tried to start a conversation, but when Lockwood made no response, he gave up. 33. Her responseto his suggestion was a simple refusal. 34. His attitude to his new job seemed to be very negative. 35. When I told them I was a doctor their whole attitude changed. 36. Why did you choose such a bright colour? 37. You have a choice. You can go to university now or wait until next September. 38. I sometimes wonder why she chose Jerry as her assistant. He’s useless.

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