Choose the corresponding English word.

1 опытный a) experience b) experienced c) inexperienced
2 умный a) intelligible b) intelligence c) intelligent
3 другой a) differ b) different c) difference
4 различный a) vary b) variety c) various
5 вежливость a) politely b) polite c) politeness
6 род занятий a) occupy b) occupation c) occupancy
7 заявление a) application b) apply c) applicant
8 способность a) able b) enable c) ability

Match the words of similar meaning.

1 clever a different
2 keen on b answer
3 various c smart
4 memorable d act or behave towards
5 treat e very interested in
6 response f well-known
7 famous g unforgettable

Match the words to their opposites.

1 early a single
2 easy b inexperienced
3 polite c late
4 different d forget
5 married e (the) same
6 experienced f rude/impolite
7 remember g difficult

Express the following in one word.

  polite, greeting, attitude, clever, experienced, skill, introduce  


1 to tell someone’s name to a person or group of people, so that they meet formally

2 a form of words or an action used on meeting someone

3 having or showing good manners and consideration for other people

4 way of feeling, thinking or behaving

5 knowing a lot about life, people, etc.

6 good at learning and understanding things quickly

7 ability to do something well

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