Exercise 4.Translate the sentences.


1. There was a time when only privileged people had an opportunity to have their own PC at home. 2. In an information society a person who is computer-literate should not be an expert on the design of computers. 3. The basic job of computers is to process information. 4. It provides the data needed to solve the problem. 5. It can find the solution to a problem in a fraction of the time it takes a human being to do a job. 6. Computer-controlled robots are able to improve the equality of manufactured products and to increase the productivity of industry. 7. Without computer terminals it would be impossible to make inquires about the current status of customer accounts. 8. The quick development of electronics is known to begin with the invention of the transistors. 9. The data to be processed today is highly important to the further program development.10. We know a binary digit to take only two values – ‘zero’ and ‘one’.


1. He needn’t even know much about how to prepare programs, which are the instructions that direct the operations of computers. 2. Many people have an opportunity to use computers. 3. One of the most common methods of inputting information is to use floppy disks. 4. A computer can solve a series of problems and make thousands of the logical decisions without becoming tired. 5. There are times when a computer seems to operate like a mechanical ‘brain’. 6. We know floppy disks to replace magnetic tapes and disks. 7. IBM is sure to remain a major player in the personal computer marketplace. 8. To be acceptable by the computer the instructions should be encoded in a digital form. 9. To retrieve any information in different ways is easy to the computer. 10. These data is expected to become useful for us information after being processed.


1. To use modems was the next step in the further computer development. 2. The computer to be used in this case solved only a specific problem. 3. We use the term ‘data processing system’ to include the resources applied for processing of information. 4. To process data is operations on data to convert them into useful information. 5. Information is known to be put into the computer by coding into ones and zeros. 6. Most processors are certain to include computer software. 7. Video displays are likely to have replaced printers for many applications. 8. Engineers to modify designs commonly use the light pen. 9. Applications software is the program written to solve specific problems. 10. Computer memory must be able to locate all its content quickly upon demand.


1. The time required for the computer to locate and transfer data to and from the storage medium is called the access time for that medium. 2. They suppose the words ‘computer’ and ‘processor’ to be used interchangeable. 3. Computers, when properly programmed, are unlikely to make computational errors. 4. The first microprocessors are stated to be relatively slow devices. 5. The printer copy to be required was found by the user in time. 6. Scanners are shown to provide a capability for direct data entry into the computer system. 7. All the microcomputers require some instructions to get started after they are turned on. 8. We can consider it to be a personal computer. 9. The data to be scanned may be typed or may have handwritten characters. 10. This microprocessor is certain to have clear advantages over the other types.

Exercise 5.Be ready to speak about input devices (10-15 sentences) and output devices (10-15 sentences)



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