Exercise 8. Translate the following sentences.


1. The CPU is at the heart of all computers.

2. RAM consists of microchips that allow for the temporary storage of data.

3. Desktop or laptop computers are the centre of a workplace.

4. Many businesspeople travel with both a portable computer and a computer projector to visually display information for training.

5. The CPU is "the computing” part of the computer.

6. Unlike RAM, which is volatile, flash memory retains the information stored in the chip when the power is turned off.


Exercise 9. Translate the following text in a written form. Use a dictionary if necessary.


The Southbridge is an integrated circuit on the motherboard that is responsible for the hard drive controller, I/O controller and integrated hardware such as sound card, video card if present on the motherboard, USB, PCI, ISA, IDE, BIOS, and Ethernet. The southbridge gets its name for commonly being South of the PCI bus. Below is a graphic illustration of the ASUS P5AD2-E motherboard and some basic explanations of each of the major portions of the motherboard including the southbridge. As shown in the picture below, it is common for the northbridge and southbridge to have a heatsink; in addition, the northbridge is usually slightly larger than the southbridge.

Exercise 10.

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