Exercise 1. Answer the following questions.


1. What is a peripheral?

2. What types of peripheral devices do you know?

3. When do peripherals have no function?

4. What is the most popular peripheral linking device?

5. What is the dongle used for?

6. What are the most common input devices?

7. What is a keyboard?

8. What is a mouse?

9. What is a scanner?

10. What input devices do you know?

11. What peripherals work for both input and output?


Exercise 2. Find the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations in the text.


Изображение, поверхность, электронный защитный ключ, электрический ток, передвигаться, соединительное устройство, сенсорный экран, раскладка клавиатуры, наружный, внутренний, взаимодействовать, защищать.

Exercise 3. Match the words which are very close in their meaning.

to separate a usual
to protect b information
device c to be understood
to give d current
to interpret e gadget
to connect f to disconnect
common g to defend
different h to pass
modern-day i to join
data j various

Exercise 4. Match the words with the opposite meaning.


internal a to attack
wide array b output
to protect c less
known d few
input e cheap
to separate f unknown
more g to connect
expensive h external

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