Exercise 6. Match the words from the box with the pictures.


digital camera, webcam, speakers, scanner, touchpad, microphone, mouse, graphics tablet, keyboard, touchscreen


1. _________________________ 2. __________________

3. ________________________ 4. ________________________




5. _______________________ 6. _______________________


7. ___________________ 8. ___________________



9. ______________________ 10. ___________________________


Exercise 7. Mark the sentences: True/False/ No information.


1. Input devices are the pieces of hardware which allow us to enter information into the computer.

2. Peripheral device is a computer device that is not part of the essential computer.

3. Internal peripheral devices are often referred to as integrated peripherals.

4. There are three types of peripherals: input devices, output devices, and storage.

5. The most popular peripheral linking device is a keyboard.

6. QWERTY is a popular layout on English language computer nowadays.

7. The computer mouse helps us give the computer commands which would take less time to give on the keyboard.

8. A touchpad, a touchscreen, a microphone are devices that help us to interact with a computer.

9. Touchscreens are input device.

10. A camcorder records moving pictures and converts them into digital data that can be stored and edited by a computer.


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