Exercise 3. Which of the devices shown above are output and which of them are input? Fill in the table.


Here is a list of common peripherals you should be familiar with as an IT professional.

- monitors or displays

- scanners

- printers

- external modems

- dongles

- speakers

- webcams

- external microphones

- external storage devices such as USB-based flash drives and portable hard disk drives

- input devices such as keyboards, mice, etc. are normally considered peripherals as well



Input devices Output devices


Exercise 4. Mark the sentences: True/False/ No information


1. There are three different types of peripherals: input, output, and storage.

2. Input hardware serves to send data into the computer's CPU, while output devices send data outwards to the user.

3. The monitor visually relays an image, which is created by the computer's operating system.

4. One peripheral device can be connected to many systems.

5. Projectors display images over a much less area.

6. Printer is an output device, which gives a hard copy of something you're working on.

7. Computer speakers allow to receive sounds that include music and the voices of other users.

8. Input/Output device devices are connected to a device controller, which is connected to the electronics in the computer system.

9. A CD-RW device is an output device only.


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