Answer the following questions. 1. What is the capital of the UK?

1. What is the capital of the UK? 2. What is the population of London? 3. When was London founded? 4. Who founded London? 5. What was the first name of London? 6. Where did the Romans build Londinium? 7. When was Londinium burnt down? 8. Who rebuilt and surrounded the town by a wall after the fire? 9. What is this wall called now? 10. How many parts is London traditionally divided into? 11. What part is the heart of London? 12. What is there in the City? 13. What are the world-famous places in London? 14. What is the largest Protestant Church in England? 15. What architect built this cathedral? How long did it take Sir Christopher Wren to build St. Paul's Cathedral? 16. Who built the Tower of London? 17. How was the Tower used? 18. What is the most beautiful building of the Tower? 19. When was the White Tower built? Who built it? 20. What traditions and legends of the Tower do you know? 21. What is the historical and political centre of London? 22. Where is Westminster Abbey situated? When was Westminster Abbey founded? Who founded it? Who was crowned and buried in Westminster Abbey? 23. What is one of the symbols of London? Where is Big Ben situated? 24. Where is the official residence of the Queen? 24. What part of London is the symbol of wealth and luxury? 25. What buildings are situated in the West End? 26. What is the most beautiful square in London? 27. What is there in the middle of Trafalgar Square? 28. Why was the monument to Admiral Nelson created? When? 29. What sculptures look at the square from the monument? 30. What is there in the East End?



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