Decide whether the following statements describe Belarusian, British or American systems of higher education.

1. a) Universities have departments concerned with a major division of knowledge;b) Universities have different ‘schools’, or departments, which house a number of related majors; c) Many universities are made up of ‘colleges’, governed by the university, but each college has quite a lot of autonomy from each other and from the university itself.

2. a) There is no Ministry of Education, and academic curriculum is determined on a school-by-school basis; b) The Ministry of Education controls higher education and organizes the accreditation of HEI.

3. Enrolment is on a competitive basis and depends on the results of the centralized testing.

4. a) Courses require weekly assignments such as small writing projects, research papers, and oral presentations; b)Courses are much more lecture-based with occasional assignments or without them and the grade will be based on one final exam; c) The studies are organized in the form of lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory work, individual and group consultations.

5. a) Assessment is based on overall performance on all assignments; b) It is based mostly on the final exam; c) Academic success is assessed on a ‘pass’ or ’fail’ basis and exams at the end of each semester.

6. Types of degrees: a) Graduates are granted state diplomas of higher education; b) Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD; c) Higher National Diploma, Diploma of Higher Education.

7. a) The academic year runs from 1 September to the end of June and is divided into two semesters (17 weeks); b) In both countries most universities use the semester system, but some use a trimester system.

8. a) Full-time students with good grades receive a monthly scholarship;

b) if a student gets a scholarship to a school or university, the studies are paid for by the school or university or by some other organization.

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