Exercise 8. Fill in the gaps with the words given below.

Brain, storage, graphic card, power supply, memory, Motherboard, sound card, parts


A computer has several ____________. The CPU is like a ____________. It does most of the thinking and tells the rest of the computer how to work. The CPU is on the ___________. It provides the basis for where the other parts go, and carries the nerves that connected them to each other and the CPU. The motherboard is connected to the _____________, which provides electricity to the entire computer. The various drives (e.g. CD drive) allow the computer to read different types of ___________. The hard drive is like a human’s _______________, and keeps track of all data stored on the computer. Most computers have a sound card. Connected to the ______________ are speakers. Computers might have a ____________, which helps the computer to create visual effects.


Read and translate the dialogues.


A. William, can you help me please?

B. Yes, sure.

A. What does CPU stand for?

B. The CPU is short for Central Processing Unit.

A. What is a microprocessor?

B. The CPU is also known as a processor or microprocessor.

A. Where is the CPU located?

B. It is located on the motherboard of the computer.

A. What does a processor consist of?

B. A processor consists of the control unit, the arithmetic and logic unit, and memory as well as various temporary buffers and other logic. Is that all?

A. Oh, no. William, what is a logic chip?

B. A microprocessor.

A. And what is a register?

B. Register is a special, high-speed storage area within the CPU.

A. Oh. I remember: all data must be represented in a register before it can be processed.

B. Ok. Ann. And what determines the power and speed of a CPU?

A. I don’t know.

B. The number of registers that a CPU has and the size of each (number of bits) help determine the power and speed of a CPU.

A. Thank you, William! You are a brilliant boy!




A. Can I help you? What are you looking for?

B. I would like a computer with the best processor.

A. What do you mean?

B. High speed of computing, multitasking, ability to handle intensive 3D graphics, large cache size.

A. Here are some of the best computers. Look at this one.

B. This is a desktop computer. But I would like a laptop.

A. And what about this laptop with the topmost processor?

B. What processor?

A. Intel Core i7 990X.

B. And what about Intel Pentium Processor G6950?

A. Intel Core i7 990X is simply the best processor on the planet.

B. Why do you think so?

A. This CPU has 6 cores, 12 threads, 12 MB smart cache and a maximum clocking frequency of 3.46 GHz.

B. Is it a good computer chip for gaming?

A. The best one. It is a processor born to rule and conquer gaming aficionados and power users.

B. Oh, I’d like it.

A. But there is only problem with Intel core i7 990X… It’s the price.

B. How much is it?

A. $1000.

B. The price sets it beyond the reach of most mortals.

A. There is a lot of choice in the lower ranks to choose from.

B. Have you got a computer with AMD Phenom II?

A. Look at this one with quad core chips at much lower price.

B. Yes, this is the computer I would like to have. And the cost is reasonable.


1. aficionados [əˌfɪʃɪəˈnɑːdəʊ] – страстный любитель, заядлый любитель, фанат

2. power user – опытный пользователь

3. beyond the reach of most mortals – вне досягаемости для большинства смертных

4. quad core chips – четырехъядерные чипы



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