Maps required under certain conditions

The requirement to publish the following five cards is a "conditional",which means that such cards should be issued only when certain conditions / circumstances.

Area map (ICAO) issued in the event that the requirements for traffic routes in the area of the approach are complex and can not be shown on the route map (ICAO).

Map of the standard instrument departure SID (ICAO) issued in the case when the set standard departure route can not be shown with sufficient clarity on the Area (ICAO).

Map of the standard instrument arrival STAR (ICAO) is published in the case where the standard set by the route of arrival can not be shown with sufficient clarity on the Area (ICAO).

Aerodrome obstacle (ICAO), type C is not required if the obstacle data necessary for the development of the explants schemes , published in collections of AIP .

Map visual approach (ICAO) is required to publish for all aerodromes used by international civil aviation aircraft , in which there are only limited navigational aids , there is no means of radio communication , no adequate aeronautical charts aerodrome and its environs scale of 1:500 000 or larger scale or set the rules visual approach .


Each state specifically defines the types of cards that it issues , so Ukraine produces 13 types of cards, according to the " Rules of aeronautical information service " from 22.12.2005


The structure of AIP of Ukraine consists of 12 cardsAnd Aeronautical Chart scale of 1: 500,000 (ICAO

1. map of the aerodrome / heliport (the ICAO);

2. map erodromnogo ground motion (the ICAO);

3. map parking / docking of aircraft (the ICAO);

4. Aerodrome Obstacle Chart Type A (the ICAO);

5. map of the area (the ICAO);

6. Radar Minimum height (the ICAO);

7. card standard instrument arrival (STAR) (the ICAO);

8. card standard instrument departure (SID) (the ICAO);

9. Approach Chart Instrument (the ICAO);

10. map of the area for a precision approach (the ICAO);

11. Card visual approach (the ICAO);

12. Enroute Chart (the ICAO).

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