Should address all used by international civil aviation airports, which can be carried out instrument approach.

You can also specify other airfields.

Prohibited areas, restricted and danger areas

On the card must bear the prohibited areas , restricted and danger areas relating to the condition of the airspace , showing the cartographic references and vertical limits . In order not to overload the map , details of these areas (eg , coordinates, mapping ssypki , vertical boundaries) may be indicated on the reverse side of the card . If space allows, on the front of the card can be placed in the list of these zones as a table.



Such components should include:

1) radio navigation aids , (VOR / DME, NDB)

2) an indication of a defined airspace , including lateral and vertical limits and the appropriate class of airspace ;

3) all ATS routes for en-route, including indexes routes, track angle in both directions along each segment of the routes and , if necessary , the direction of flow of air traffic ;

4) all significant points defining the ATS routes ;

5) a statement of all the items compulsory and "on demand"

6) The distance between significant points constituting turning points of the route or reporting points ; The map can also indicate overall distance between the radio navigation aids .

7) minimum flight altitudes on ATS routes ;

8 ) radio communications with their frequencies.

In order to provide a convenient reference material on the front side of the card it is desirable to have a complete list of means of communication ( radio frequency control tower, a dispatch center of the district and the flight information center ), preferably in the form of a table.

Information about the flight information region - FIR for route maps ICAO is given in the form the lateral boundaries of FIR / UIR, the name of the FIR / UIR, the upper limit , the lower limit , the ATS unit .



Due to differences in the Coverage and varying degrees of saturation of data in some areas, to establish a uniform scale for this type of card is not possible. Selectable proportional to the scale should be large enough to provide a clear view of all relevant information.


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