Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart - ICAO

This supplementary chart contains the information used by the flight crew in the implementation of taxiing aircraft to parking and from parking areas and placing of aircraft.

This card is available in cases where due to the large amount of information on the Aerodrome / Heliport (ICAO) can not be sufficiently clearly specify the necessary details for the ground movement of aircraft on the taxiway to parking .


Aircraft Parking / Docking Chart-ICAO

This supplementary chart should provide detailed information for the flight crew used during taxiing aircraft from the taxiway to their accommodation in the parking lot and back.

This card is provided in those cases. When due to a complex system of aerodrome facilities , this information can not be published on the Aerodrome / Heliport (ICAO).



Group 4: Charts, designed for visual air navigation laying track and use for planning and visual navigation

- The World Aeronautical Chart 1:1,000,000 (ICAO ) Mandatory

- Aeronautical Chart 1:500 000 ( ICAO) Optional

- Aeronautical Chart small scale (ICAO ) Optional

- Plotting Chart (ICAO ) Optional


World Aeronautical Chart-ICAO 1:1 000 000

It provides space for full coverage of the chart image of the globe with a unified display of data at a constant scale , and is used in the preparation of other cards .

This card contains the information necessary to comply with the requirements of visual navigation , besides a basic aeronautical map, can be used for flight planning .


a) basic aeronautical map :

• When the special card (for example , map of the area , the route map ) does not contain all the required use . Data for visual orientation ;

• for use in the preparation of other aeronautical charts .

b) as a map for flight planning .


Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1:500 000

Series Aeronautical Chart scale of 1: 500000 ( ICAO) provides more detailed maps , which are the most appropriate means for pilot training and training in the field of navigation.

World map of the scale used for the purpose of visual air navigation when flying at low speed, short or medium distances at altitudes of up to 4000m . (Small and medium altitude)

This card can be used :

• As a basic aeronautical chart ;

• as an adjunct in the development of highly specialized maps that do not include significant visual information.


World Map 1:500 000 can replace the base map scale of 1:1,000,000, if it is justified by operational or cartographic needs.


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