Aerodrome Obstacle type A may not be published unless there are substantial obstacles in the path set for takeoff. The notice shall be published in the AGA in AIR .


The map must show the name of the State in which the aerodrome is located , the name of a city or town , or area, which the aerodrome , the name and designation of the airport runway.

Obstacles in the take-off path that rise above a flat surface having a slope of 1.2% and having a common origin with the zone of the takeoff path ( beginning of the departure procedure ) - referred to as significant obstacles .


Aerodrome Obstacle (ICAO) Type B is designed for:

• determination of minutes. safe altitudes , including the height of the circling ;

• define the rules to be followed in an emergency take-off and landing ;

• application of obstacle clearance

• Use as a starting material for producing other aeronautical maps and charts

This map is different from the Aerodrome Obstacle type A that includes a plan of the airfield and other surfaces assessing the materiality of obstacles placed on it .


Aerodrome Obstacle (ICAO), type Cis designed to provide information on obstacles , the location and height of which can affect the maximum allowable take-off weight ( MDVM ) aircraft.

The difference between this card from the card Aerodrome Obstacle type A is the area covered by the (scale provides information on the obstacles within a radius of not less than 45 km from ARP ) but significant obstacles publishes information about all the obstacles with a height of over 120m ( 400fut ) above the lowest runway elevation in the specified radius.



• Set the horizontal scale ranging from 1:15000 to 1:10000 ;

• the vertical scale on the map is ten times larger than the horizontal scale ;

• Horizontal and vertical scales are marked in meters and feet .


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