PRECISION Approach Terrain Chart - ICAO


Published in order to provide the possibility of assessing the extent of the terrain affects the definition of the CDF using the radio altimeter .



It contains detailed information about the profile of the terrain within a given section of the final approach fix

The map includes :

• Sitemap

• terrain profile

• Identification of those areas where terrain elevation , or any object on the ground indicated on the plan of ± 3m ( 10ft ) at odds with the profile of the runway center line and can affect the radio altimeter readings ;

Located in a given area are moving objects such as trains, cars and other modes of transport that vary in height ± 3m ( 10ft ) from the center line of the profile are displayed on the profile bar- dotted line.

On the plane along the runway center line shows the installation of approach lights if their height is different from the profile of the center line of ± 3m ( 10ft ) .


In areas where the airport is located near the water surface and the runway is positioned so that a flight on final approach passes over the water surface exposed to the ebb and flow in a given area on the map indicates the maximum rise and fall of the water level in relation to the extended center line in marked warning about the need to amend .



The horizontal scale of 1:2500 and a vertical scale of 1:500.


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