Nursing in the pediatric

Conventionally, in a single practical science of Pediatrics distinguished: preventive, clinical, scientific, social, environmental pediatrics. Preventive pediatrics - a system of measures to help prevent disease and disability (immunizations, aseptic technique, prevention of rickets, a screening program for detection of hereditary diseases, routine health examinations, etc.) Clinical Pediatrics is the main task of the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the landmark event of the sick child. Academic Pediatrics has the task of formulation paradigms that guide the pediatrician at the present stage in their practical work. Paradigm - disciplinary matrix, the totality of all the recognized scientific achievements that for a certain time give the scientific community model posing problems and their solutions (Thomas Kuhn). Social pediatrics considers two set of problems: 1) the optimal organization of health management, including economics and planning, and 2) the influence of social factors on children's health and the practice of health care, preventive care, the relationship between the medical profession and public organizations, foundations, medical education and education of the population. Environmental pediatrics examines the influence of environmental factors on children's health, climatic, geographic and environmental hazards in a particular region (insecticides, pesticides, phenol, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, ionizing radiation, etc.)

For the position of nurse pediatric appointed a person who has a medical degree in "Nursing" or secondary medical education, a certificate in "Nursing in pediatrics." Is appointed and dismissed by the chief physician of the hospital but the presentation of the main nurse, in accordance with applicable law. The work is guided by these Regulations, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation on issues of public health, as well as the orders and instructions of the higher authorities and officials. Constantly improve their knowledge and skills.

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