Pulmonary care nurse

A pulmonary or respiratory care nurse is a nurse who provides medical care and healthcare advice to patients who are suffering from respiratory issues and diseases such as individuals who have asthma or are dealing with lung cancer, atelectasis, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or tuberculosis.

These nurses assist patients during their treatment and recovery process by providing them with education and advice on how to manage their respiratory' issues and how to design a fulfilling yet healthy lifestyle.

When treating patients at a hospital or healthcare center pulmonary care nurses can be found monitoring the patents vital signs, recording the patients health and recovery process, administering medications, checking TV’s, managing respiratory devices such as artificial respirators, facemasks and ventilators and working alongside other medical professionals during patient treatment.

Responsibilities of a pulmonary care nurse:

Monitor the vital signs of patients, maintain medical records and report any abnormalities that may occur during the treatment process

Administer prescribed medication to the patients they are caring for

Start and/or check IV drips

Oversee the management of respiratory devices and ensure they are properly working

Provide additional aide to other medical professionals and communicate any patient care needs to ensure the patient receives proper medical care and attention

Perform other pulmonary care responsibilities as required

Pulmonary care nurses can be found working in a variety of healthcare settings such as in the emergency room, as part of a critical care unit, as part of a progressive care unit, at inpatient care facilities, in the acute care department and in a number of other healthcare settings that may benefit from the help of a certified pulmonary care nurse.

In many cases pulmonary nurses may assist other medical professionals such as nurses, practitioners, doctors and/or physicians and provide them with vital patient information in order to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and the patient receives the proper form of medical treatment and care.


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