How to become a Renal Dialysis Nurse

In order to become a full fledge Renal Dialysis Nurse the nurse applicant must first arm him/herself with the right qualifications. Specific qualifications vary from country to country. But the basic requirement remains the same. That requirement is for the applicant to earn a college degree in Nursing and he/she must be a registered nurse (in the country he/she hopes to work in).

It is also advised that the nurse earn an IV therapy license. In the Philippines, IV licensure comes with the regular PRC license. But, some employers still require dialysis nurse applicants to undergo special IV Therapy training. This training is offered year round by the ANSAP (Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, Inc.). Schedules for IV Training are often posted in tertiary hospitals all over the country.

Employers from countries like the United States prefer (but do not require) for their nurses to have special trainings and certifications as Renal Dialysis Nurses. Certification may be earned from several Nephrology Nurses organizations like the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA).

After earning the basic requirements, the nurse can now proceed by applying to Independent dialysis centers or to hospitals that house Renal Dialysis units. Nurses interested in Renal Dialysis may also choose to work Nephrology clinics or in Kidney Centers.

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