What Does a Neohrologv Nurse Do?

Nephrology nurses are specially trained to provide nursing care for patients with kidnev disease or abnormal kidnev function. One of the most important duties of most nephrology nurses is to assist patients with getting dialysis treatments, the process bv which toxins and excess water that would normally be filtered bv healthy kidneys are removed artificially from the bloodstream. Nephrology nurses implement treatment plans for patients with kidnev diseases and disorders, helping the patient to live a fuller and healthier life. Thev also play an important role in educating those who are at risk of developing * kidnev disease on how to prevent its onset. Because a maior risk factor for kidnev disease is diabetes, nephrology nurses also tend to meet with diabetics, warning them to stav on top of their disease management particularly through their diet. Nephrology nurses work in many areas including acute/critical care for those with end-stage renal disease, home training, outpatient dialysis clinics, and even in transplant units where patients receive new kidneys.

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