What Is Nephrology?

Nephros translated from its Greek meaning is kidney. Nephrology is the study of the functionality and the diseases that affect the kidneys. It deals with the diagnosing and treating of any kidney disorder or disease. A Nephrologist is a medical physician specializing in the treatment of the kidneys. They will regulate kidney functions and well as treat any disorders or diseases, such as delivering dialysis.

There are many reasons you would want to see a Nephrologist rather than your Family Doctor. They are specialist and will deal with a wide spectrum of kidney issues, such as acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, poor renal function, electrolyte imbalance disorders, hypertension, chronic urinary tract infections, kidney stones, proteinuria, hematuria, or disease affecting the bladder and/or prostate (most commonly kidney stones).

Most of the disorders found in the kidneys can be detected through a string of urine tests. However with more advanced conditions other tests that may be required are Ultrasound, CT scanning, Angiography, or a Renal biopsy. These tests will all be performed by a Nephrologist.

Once diagnosed with a kidney condition treatments are commonly medications. Only when the condition becomes a chronic kidney disease or a stage five kidney disorder will dialysis or a transplant be necessary. Many Nephrologist will specialize in the chronic kidney disease, some are known as interventional Nephrologist, They will focus on the stage five kidney diseases that require dialysis and transplant.

Nephrology nurses will most often focus on monitoring patients who undergo kidney treatment and also monitor any post transplant patients to watch for infection and to continue immunosuppressive regimens.

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