1. Conducting health education to children, their families and the public, advises on healthy living, nutrition, breastfeeding, follows the rules of medical ethics and ethics in dealing with staff, parents and children.

2. Teaches parents to care for healthy and sick children , the implementation of sanitary and epidemiological requirements of childcare. Implements Case Work in the family, gathering information about the conditions of raising a child , especially his character, habits for successful care of it.

3. Provides pre-hospital care to children in urgent situations , arranges proper transportation of victims.

4. Provides first aid phase of preventive examinations of children of different ages on the basis of screening programs.

5. Plans vaccinations and oversee its implementation.

6. Monitors the implementation of the recommendations of the child and the parents and doctor's appointments

7. Executes a program of treatment and preventive care child assigned to a doctor. Plans and implements the nursing care of patients in accordance with the priorities of needs.

provides:the admission of patients to a health facility (office); inspection for lice, providing individual patient care items; collection of material from patients for laboratory examination; selection of doctor's appointments histories; prepare patients to instrumental methods of investigation; observance of sanitary- epidemiological regime in relation to the child, family, and myself; Nutrition surveillance child in a health care setting and at home, quality and compliance programs, brought parents allowed range; preparation of serving the requirements for dietostoly; monitoring the patient's condition to the registration of any change, decision-making in accordance with the level of competence. Represents the doctor's staff timely information about the deterioration of the patient, complications have arisen as a result of medical procedures. Regularly raises qualification.


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