Home nurse - a specialist with higher medical education, ending the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education Medical University. It deals with the rational organization of labor, professional development of middle and junior medical staff and oversees its work.

Senior nurse - head of department assists hospitals (clinics) in the administrative and economic matters, organizes and supervises the work of nurses and ward nurses.

Ward nurse - carries a doctor's appointment in patients assigned to her chambers, monitors the health of patients, taking care of them and arrange for their food.

Procedural nurse - carries a doctor's appointment (intravenous injection and infusion), helps during manipulations that may be performed only by a doctor, blood samples from a vein for research.

Operating Nurse - helps the surgeon during surgery, prepare for surgery surgical instruments, sutures and dressings, linen.

Public health nurses - helps local doctor at the reception of patients living in the area assigned to him, carries on prescription treatments at home and involved in prevention.

Dietary nurse (nutritionist), led dietitian responsible for the organization and the quality of health food, the menu is, controls cooking and distribution of food, as well as the health of the kitchen and dining room for patients.

Nurses working in the reception of patients with doctors subspecialties (ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, etc.).

A nurse gives orders junior staff (nurse, practical nurse, matron, barmaid, etc.) and monitors their implementation.


In health care organizations Post title: "midwife", "nurse", "nurse", replaced that of men, named resNurse - the right hand doctor. She writes at the direction of Dr. recipes, information, referral for testing. In hospitals, nurses keep order in the wards, organized mode of patients sent to the designated doctor examination, give medication. During operations, the nurse can act Physician Assistant - apply scalpels, clamps, needles. Direct duty nurses - injections, immunizations, blood pressure measurement. Nurse, as opposed to a doctor and paramedic - has no right to appoint treatment and prescribe its own discretion.

In order to work as a nurse, you must be trained in the correct profile in medical school or college.


Nurse. Activities:

- work together with the district physician in district clinics;

- care of patients in hospitals;

- assist surgeons in operations.

Place of work:

- district health centers;

- hospitals, clinics, hospices;

- МОЕ, emergency services;

- educational institutions;

- children's homes, shelters;

- nursing homes;

- manufacturing facilities;

- companies engaged in passenger and freight traffic and flights

Professional skills:

- injections of the vaccine;

- blood pressure measurement;

- compliance order in the wards;

- patient care in a hospital;

- monitoring regime patients;

- performance of medical procedures prescribed by a physician;

- assistance in the operations of medical examinations;

- registration certificates, prescriptions, medical records

Additional features:

Choose the nursing profession should people who can and want to help others. Without this intention, the work does not bring happiness, but only one annoyed. Recall that the profession of this was due to a military environment. Women rescued the wounded on the battlefield. They are called nurses.pectively "midwife", "medical brother (Nurse)", "medic", "packer".


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