The Work of a Nurse

You know I am a medical college student now. My future profession is nursing. The work of nurses is very important and necessary.

Every nurse must remember that there are no two identical people and that every patient will react to diseases in his own way. That's why each patient needs special care.

Observations of a nurse are also very important. The nurse can see any changes in the health of her patients. Her observations will help doctors to diagnose and treat the patients. In a hospital the nurse has a lot of duties and she works in many areas: in wards, laboratories, emergency department, etc.

In wards the nurse gives medicines, makes injections, applies cups and mustard plasters. She carries out all orders of doctors.

Every nurse must have enough knowledge of her work, because she must help people any hour of the day and night. She must take care of patients even if they have mortal infectious diseases.

The fact is that research work goes on not only in laboratories but also in hospital wards.

Every nurse must be a member of the clinical research team.

The life of nurses is devoted to people, they are always responsible for what they do.

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