In a Hospital

Let me introduce my friend Nina. She is already a nurse at a hospital. She works at the therapeutic department. Nina is one of the best ward nurses. Everything she does in the ward she does quickly and quietly.


Work at the hospital begins early in the morning. At 6 o'clock the nurses begin to take the patients' temperature. They write it down in temperature charts. Then the nurses give the patients medicines and carry out other prescriptions of the doctors.

Besides they open the windows and air their wards. If there is a bed patient in the ward, the nurse takes special care of him. She brings a basin and washes the patient's face and hands, brushes his sheets or changes them. Then the nurses give injections to the patients.

When doctors come and begin to examine their patients, every ward nurse tells the doctor about the condition of her patients. Nina is very attentive. She tries to observe any changes in the patient's condition. Nina is especially patient with old people. She never hurts (ображати) her patients with rude (грубий) words.

I want to be like Nina. I like my future profession and I know that much of the nurse's work can be learnt by practice. That's why I often help Nina at the hospital.

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