Becoming a Nephrology nurse will require an continuation to a standard registered nurse program. A nephrology nurse must have the basic knowledge of how to demonstrate all nursing practices as well as be advanced in the care of kidney diseased patients. The knowledge a Nephrology nurse must know include all variations of dialysis, as well as the assistance in kidney transplant, renal and all kidney therapies. With the extensive knowledge Nephrology nurse need for kidney transplant they may also be required to assist in other organ transplants. Nephrology nurse must be registered nurse with the further education of Nephrology. The requirements of a nephrology nurse can be very complex as many patients with kidney diseases are affected with other diseases as well. These can range from infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Many of which contribute to the kidney disease. A vast knowledge of care for these patients as well an ability to care and educate them.

Nurses are always needed and there are always shortages of able nurse across all countries. When working in a hospital the stress of the job can be high, but there are many benefits to becoming a nurse. For current information on becoming a Nephrology nurse there are a considerable amount of Associations for education, The most popular being American Nephrology Nurses Association.

It is also very important to remember that when considering a profession as important as nursing that you do not try to short-cut your education. Quick degrees will not cut it as you will very quickly be met with situations you will not be properly prepared for. The American Nephrology Nurse Association is just one of many. Similarly you must be completely dedicated time to the job timewise; do not think you could work part-time selling Forest Hills homes for sale for instance. Being a nephrology nurse is a serious responsibility and requires a solid education.


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