Nursing in the dermatology department

Dermatovenereology: Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, studies venereology. Skin diseases - dermatology. But there are experts who are engaged in the study and treatment of iwo diseases. Dermatoveperologs - is integrated specialists who treat all of the above diseases. The appearance of the skin may be of viral diseases, congenital or infectious in nature. But sexually transmitted diseases are extremely contagious. Dermatologist appoints comprehensive treatment and closely monitoring the effects of the treatment. This is due to the fact that some diseases are treated not only with antibiotics and immunity potent drugs. For example, in the treatment of late-stage syphilis, the immune system is destroyed and after the main treatment must necessarily undergo rehabilitation. Specialist in diseases such conducts and preventive work, warns patients about the necessary safety precautions, is conducting clinical studies and make appropriate conclusions. Too much skin and venereal diseases that may be transmitted through casual, and only children who have contracted herpes and do not count! It deals with such problems and extensive medical science - dermatovenereology. In this case, doctors test and treat allergic reactions, different erysipelas and even encephalitic mites.


Dermatologist - a doctor who specializes in the detection and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. As they often have a venereal disease manifestations on the skin, the doctor is your profession necessarily work in "collaboration" with venereologist. For example, the results of studies and surveys revealed that more than 20% of the population suffer from dermatoses, but only 10% of them seek professional help. The manifestation of many internal diseases can affect the skin eruptions, "asterisk" and "spider veins." When assigning treatments, a dermatologist necessarily refer the patient for an examination of all organs.

Some skin diseases, though not a manifestation of the internal problems and do not have the infectious nature, bring a lot of limitations patient, up to expulsion from the society. For example, psoriasis - this is not an infectious disease is not transmitted through casual, but it looks bad, and many people mistakenly fear him. Dermatologist necessarily tell the patient about the origin of the disease, its treatment and the methods of reducing the visible manifestations. Job dermatologist - a daily pushing with all sorts of diseases, sometimes causing unsightly and even disgust. But experienced only in appearance can define a particular disease, and even talk about its origins. Only after scraping, analysis and research, the doctor will prescribe the right treatment. Job dermatologist suggests a desire to help, compassion, a high sense of responsibility, punctuality, commitment to continuous updating of knowledge.

In dermatological clinic consult dermatologists and nurses, as well as dermatological treatments are carried out for the research and treatment. At full-time as a new service offered biological treatment for psoriasis patients and plasmapheresis.

Treatment of dermatological pathology assigned medication, local, physical therapy, bracing with the active involvement of modern techniques. Patients with symptoms of dermato complain by itching, burning, paintingling, the appearance of the skin rash different.

Often the rash accompanied by malaise, a feeling of weakness, general weakness, fever, etc. All of the above symptoms are largely dependent on the individual patient, the reactivity of the nervous system and its associated diseases (gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, organs blood, etc.).


To reduce microbial contamination in wound dressings recommended installation of mobile recirculation of air cleaners. In a clean dressing made catheterization of veins, venesection, procaine blockade, wc burn surface fresh, clean bandage after elective surgery. In purulent dressing - dressing infected burn wounds, secondary necrectomy, opening abscesses and abscesses.

Under the dressing is given a spacious and bright room, the floor and the walls are lined with tiles. In the dressing-setting one or two tables for patients, a table for sterile instruments and dressings, several glass cabinets for storing tools and medicines.

Two small table used for storing bottles with kleolom, cotton, antiseptic solutions. If conditions permit, the tables on which the sterilization of instruments produced by boiling, electric Dry-air sterilizer, Віх different sizes for sterilizing material, underwear, gloves, a better place in the next room.

Each dressing room must be washbasin with hot and cold water, electric operating lamp, side lights, portable, screw stools, pots, closing enamel buckets, stands for strengthening of ampoules and vials during transfusions. Support is also needed for cans and Віх. Refrigerators for blood storage, blood products, and drugs may be in the dressing room, but it is better to place them in a separate room.

In the dressing should be centralized supply of oxygen, anesthetic equipment, electric pumps and the following tools: a set of 20 -, 10 -, 5 -, 2 - and 1-gram syringes and insulin syringes, needles of different diameters with a stylet (including air), the cannula, forceps, surgical scissors (straight and curved), scissors for cutting bandages and workpiece material, hemostats, hooks, bellied and grooved probe, forceps, scalpels, needle holders, spatulas, should be ampoule silk, catgut, as well as systems for disposable plastic Transfusion of blood and other fluids, clamps systems, probes, rubber and plastic, urinary catheters, balloons and rubber pear and brush for hand washing, oilcloth aprons, rubber gloves.

Nurse in the post.At the time of admission duty guard who came to work as a nurse hygiene and morning medical appointments for children should be made the previous change, chambers cleaned and ventilated, dirty laundry put matron.

In the procedure of transfer duty on the medical office includes the delivery and reception of medical equipment, medicines, medical records, checking health status of patients, chambers of commerce, public spaces, stores clean laundry. Successor to the nurse with the head of the department and the head nurse listens to the previous report of the medical team about new and severe patients, of all the events that have taken place over the past day, and those orders that need to be made by it in the morning.

During the day, the nurse on duty, in addition to his medical duties directly related to the care of sick children, replenish and refresh medical supplies stored at the post, as well as checks on the medical history of current medical appointments made by the doctors. The now appointments are made by it to the "board appointments" instead of canceled. According to the "board appointments", which is a grid in which the patient was discharged last names respectively assigned to them medical and hygienic measures, the sisters perform all necessary procedures - giving medications, injections, physical therapy sessions, therapeutic exercises, and so on. nurse prescribers of medical records for the current day prescriptions of medicines and diets that are assigned to children. On the basis of these recipes and a list of diets senior nurse makes a request to the pharmacy and the central hospital kitchen.

Bacteriological control of the epidemic situation of burn units confirms the possibility of transmission of antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus and other pathogens from one patient to another by contact through the hands of caregivers with little respect for aseptic imperfect disinfection of medical equipment, as well as batsillonositelstve.

The risk of secondary infection of wounds is greater, the larger the burn. Therefore, it is important to observe the strictest measures to personnel aseptic and constant monitoring it on batsillonositelstvo.

Grooming patient, nurse must wash their hands each time with soap and water flow for 2 minutes and then disinfect their bactericidal preparations (80% ethyl alcohol, 0.5% chlorhexidine biglyukonata in 70% ethanol and 0.5% solution chloramine). Scrubbing with a solution of chlorine bleach is produced in a bowl for 2 minutes (fresh solution suitable for 10 treatments). No less important is the strict adherence to the rules of medical treatment products such as probes, catheters, enema tips, pipette tips, scissors, and other items.

Discharge of patients should be conducted in a separate room. After discharge, the patient bed and a nightstand wipe with a cloth moistened with disinfectant solution, cover bedding, having undergone a disinfection plant, and clean linens.

A nurse working at the office, must see to it that the children did not pass, soft toys, which did not meet the disinfection process and is not permitted by the rules of the hospital goodies.

Getting food distribution bedridden patients, the nurse on duty must wear a gown, marked "for the distribution of food." In sentry duty nursing, in addition to care for a sick child, also includes the supervision of the work of nurses (maintenance of cleanliness in the wards, the observance of sanitary and epidemic mode) and monitoring of the quantity, quality and storage conditions goodies transmitted to children.


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