Understanding how consumer‑oriented Windows RT tablets can be used in corporate settings securely


Let there be no doubt: Windows 8 is quite definitely a consumer‑focused release of Windows, the first since perhaps Windows Me to cater almost exclusively to that part of the market. This is understandable, given the rapid rise of competing consumer technologies from companies like Apple and the rapid adoption of those technologies, even in businesses. This trend, called the consumerization of IT, has revolutionized many aspects of technology used in business, including areas that were once sacrosanct. And it’s led to a loosening of the reigns, so to speak, as the workforce has evolved to engage in computing activities away from the office.

Microsoft has embraced this trend with its client and server products and cloud services, and while Windows 8 may seem a bit light on the business technology side, this needs to be viewed in perspective. First, as a superset of Windows 7, Windows 8 does

include all of the business‑oriented features and functionality that graced that product, often in upgraded or enhanced form. That means that it shares the same basic deployment tools, manageability, and other back‑end technologies, as well as its general feature set.

But Windows 8 also includes some new business‑oriented technologies of its own. And while consumers are having fun with the Metro‑style experiences that dominate this product, what you’re about to discover is this version of Windows also offers a compelling upgrade case for businesses, too.



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