Understanding Messaging


Messaging provides a simple, full‑screen interface like that shown in Figure 8‑41.

On the left, you will find a Threads pane that contains the various threads, or conversations, you have (or are currently having) with others. Each contact will have their own thread, so each time you communicate with the same person, the new conversations will be appended to the previous ones.

Figure 8‑41: Messaging

The Threads pane also includes a prominent New message link which lets you start a new conversation with a contact.

On the right of the application window is the large Messages pane, which shows you the conversations that have occurred in the currently selected thread. At the bottom of the window is a box in which you can type a message. When you tap Enter, that message is added to the currently selected conversation and thread.

When you activate the Messaging app bar–by right‑clicking a blank area of the screen, tapping Winkey + Z, or swiping toward the center of the screen from the top or bottom edge–a few additional commands are revealed.

• Status : This button allows you to set your online status, which is how you will appear to other contacts in their own messaging applications. Available choices in the pop‑up menu that appears when this button is clicked include Available (what we used to call “online”) and Invisible (“appear offline”).

• Invite: This button triggers a pop‑up menu with two choices, Add a new friend and View invites.

• Delete: This command lets you delete the currently selected thread. It will delete the entire thread, and not any individual part of the thread.


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