Understanding the People App


Like all Metro‑style apps, the People app is a full‑screen experience with a nice layout that automatically flows according to the size and pixel density of your display. This app consists of the main view and several other views, including:

• Social: A timeline‑like view of your contacts’ activities across all of the connected online services.

• Me: Here, you can view and edit your own online persona.

• Notifications: A list of notifications from each of the connected online services.

• What’s new: The latest activities from across the connected activities.

You can switch to the other views by clicking (or tapping) the appropriate headings or tiles in the People app’s main view.

The People app also provides an app bar that is hidden by default. Its functionality varies by view and is described in the appropriate sections later in this chapter. But as always, this app bar can be enabled by right‑clicking any on‑screen empty space with the mouse, by swiping toward the center of the screen from the top or left edge, or by typing Winkey + Z.

The People app is also designed to be snapped, utilizing a new feature of the Metro environment that allows one app to be used as a secondary app next to another Metro‑style app or the Windows desktop. As you can see in Figure 8‑3, the snapped view of the People app provides a handy miniaturized version of the full app.

Figure 8‑3: The People app in snapped view


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