Launching Windows Store


While Windows Store can be accessed like any other Metro‑style app, the store is also central to other Metro experiences, so you’ll find a few more entry points in Windows 8 as well. Here are some of the ways in which you can launch Windows Store:

• Start screen tile: The Windows Store tile, shown in Figure 6‑1, is available by default on the Windows 8 Start screen. Just tap the tile to launch the app.

Figure 6‑1: The Windows Store tile is the obvious entry point to this important app.

• All apps: If Windows Store isn’t present on the Start screen for some reason, just enable the All Apps view (Right‑click a blank area of the screen, tap Winkey + Z, or on a touch screen device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen). It will appear in this view as Store .

• App Search: You can also use Windows Search to search for Windows Store. Just tap Winkey + Q and type store .

• From other apps: Microsoft and third‑party apps can provide front ends to Windows Store. The obvious example that’s included with Windows 8 is Xbox Games, which provides access to, among other things, Metro‑style games for Windows 8.


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