Complete and translate the sentences using the following terms

allowable water level, civil engineer, covered bridge, double-deck bridge, main load-bearing element, low alloy steel, overpass, rebuilding, side span, suspender, trestle

1. In most cases, bridgeworks across the Moskva River are three-span structures (fig. 4.3) because the river is rather narrow. (Концевые пролеты) are used as (путепроводы) since they are built over (автодороги) along the river.

2. The Krymsky Bridge is, undoubtedly, a remarkable sight in Moscow. Its (основной несущий элемент) is the chain made out of (низколегированная сталь) plates articulated with suspenders (fig. 4.2d; 4.3b). The parabola shaped chain looks majestic when illuminated during the evening hours.

3. (Совмещенный двухъярусный мост) across the Moskva River was built in Luzhniki in 1958 (fig. 4.2f; 4.3c). It was the only (мост с ездой посередине) in Moscow. Motor vehicles and (пешеходы) use the upper deck. Metro trains ran through the glassed lower (ярус). The total bridge span was nearly 2,030 m with the approaching spans. Two pontoons shipped the central span of 108 m to the place, and the crans lifted it to the piers. The upper deck includes the (подмости). It was the longest structure across the Moskva River, but unfortunately, its (срок службы) lasted only about 30 years. The engineers used the survived supporting arches and piers for (восстановление) the bridge. The bridge was open for traffic in 2002.

Figure 4.3 Front Elevations of Moscow Bridges

1 - the Greater Stone Bridge; 2 – the Krymsky Bridge; 3 – the Metro-Bridge in Luzhniki


4. Completed in 1907, the Andreyevsky Railway Bridge served up 1998. Designed as suspension bridge by (инженер-строитель) L. Proskuryakov and architect A. Pomerantsev, it stood undamaged under the flood of 1908 when the (допустимый уровень воды) exceeded by one meter. The barges towerd the dismantled elements of the bridge downstream and they serve as a footbridge named after A. Pushkin.

5. In the USA, Indiana, there is a town called Moscow. The small community of Moscow consisting of 80 residents is proud of their landmark – the two span (крытый мост) built in 1886 across the Big Flatrock River. Annual community festivals are devoted to this wooden structure. The bridge is 102 m long, and, in 1983, it enjoyed the status of a historical place. A massive tornado in 2008 torn off the bridge span of its (береговые опоры). People retrieved bridge remnants from the riverbed, and rebuilt the span in 2010.


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