Task 8. Make up your own sentences using the Present Simple Tense.

Task 9. Choose the right sentence:

1. A. Every day all members of my family get up at half past six.

B. Every day all members of my family gets up at half past six.

2. A. We are not eat much in the morning.

B. We do not eat much in the morning.

3. A. Is your farther drive you to the university?

B. Does your farther drive you to the university?

4. A. I do not have more than 5 classes a day at the university.

B. I have not more than 5 classes a day at the university.

5. A. I try not to miss my classes.

B. I am not try to miss my classes.


Task 10. Choose the right variant:

1. In the morning I usually

A. play computer games and chat over the Internet

B. take a shower and do morning Tasks

C. read books and listen to music

2. People watch morning news or read newspapers while having breakfast because

A. they want to get the latest news

B. they are used to this artificial noise

C. they do not feel sleepy

3. When the weather is good and I have enough time I prefer to go the university

A. by bus

B. on foot

C. take a taxi

4. Students go to the library

A. to make a report and get ready for seminars

B. to meet their friends

C. to go in for sport

5. In the evening I like to be with my family, because

A. we play chess

B. go to the park

C. all of us get together after work and discuss our family affairs.

Task 11. Complete the sentences:

1. I take a warm or cool shower and clean my teeth in ………….

2. I take my learning tools and go to ………….

3. But when I am late for the first lesson my father ………….

4. If the weather is good I go for ………….

5. In the evening all of us get together to discuss our ………….

Task 12. Decide whether these statements are true or false:

1. People usually divide their day into 4 main parts: morning, job or studying, evening and late evening.

2. We have the same timetable on weekdays and weekends.

3. In the morning we do in series the following things: having breakfast, taking a shower and doing morning Tasks.

4. After a cool shower you always feel refreshed and full of energy.

5. While having breakfast many people usually watch morning news.

6. My friend’s classes begin at 8.30 and it takes him 30 minutes to get to his university by bus, so he usually leaves home at 8.20 and gets there on foot.

7. Without missing your classes you can’t pass examinations successfully.

8. Sometimes students have to stay at the university till late because they go to the library to get ready for their practical classes or to write a report.

9. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

10. Having a timetable you can manage to do everything you plan to do.

Task 13. A. Match the following titles with the corresponding passages of the text (one is extra):

A. about timetable E. studying

B. morning F. afternoon

C. breakfast G. evening

D. to the university H. weekends

1. When my classes are over I go to the sports center where I have karate lessons. I have karate lessons three times a week. When I do not have them, I take guitar lessons.

2. I usually get up at 8 o'clock and do the same things I do on weekdays except going to university. At 12 o'clock I rehearse with in the rock band where I play the guitar. Our rehearsal ends in the evening. Sometimes I can stay at home and read books, or go somewhere with my friends.

3. I take a shower and then have my meal. The first thing many people do automatically is to turn on TV and watch news when they have a meal. Well I think all this is the key to our depression or bad mood. I like to talk with my parents while having morning meal.

4. As many people I have different timetables on weekdays and weekends. I think that it is very important to go to bed before midnight and to get up quite early in the morning, especially on weekdays. Thus you can manage to do everything you plan to do.

5. I put all the necessary books into my bag and get dressed. I leave home at about 9 o'clock. I get to my university by bicycle.

6. I have my meal and start doing my homework at 8 o'clock. If I have some spare time after doing homework, I play the guitar or read classical literature. I go to bed.

7. I take a cool shower and then I go jogging to the park near my place. So I do jogging for about thirty minutes and then do some Tasks. After this I feel refreshed and full of energy. Besides fresh air and birds singing improves my mood greatly even on Mondays.

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