Task 8. Choose the correct sentence from each pair.

1. A. Milk is producing by cows.

B. Milk is produced by cows.

2. A. The walls are painted.

B. The walls is painted.

3. A. Cameras are not allowed in this museum.

B. Cameras am not allowed in this museum.

4. A. New curtains are putted up.

B. New curtains are put up.

5. A. The criminal is arresting.

B. The criminal is arrested.

6. A. Computers are buyed very often in this shop.

B. Computers are bought very often in this shop.

Task 9. Make up your own sentences using Present Simple Passive.


Task 10. Answer the following questions.

1) Why is every weekend so important for the author’s family?

2) What do they do after breakfast? Who does what?

3) Why can you say that they are an active family?

4) What is Sunday for the family?

5) Are there any musicians in the family?

Task 11. Finish the following sentences.

1) I come to the kitchen only after…

2) While my Mum is cooking something special for dinner…

3) In the evening, when I am in good mood…

4) We meet up with our family friends …

Task 12. Say if the following statements are true or false.

1) At the weekend I get up as usual.

2) Mother cooks breakfast in the family.

3) I must admit I’m nature’s greatest horseman.

4) On Saturday evening we usually enjoy my sister’s concerts/

5) When I’m in the mood, I go clubbing with my sister.

6) We meet up with our family friends at our house.

7) On Sunday evening I arrange everything for the coming week.

Task 13. A. Match each passage and a title. One is extra.

A. Active rest;

B. Saturday dreams;

C. Special days;

D. Sunday life;

e) Morning business;

f) Waiting for the next weekend;

g) Clean, clean, clean.

B. Write out one key sentence to each passage.

Task 14. Put the sentences into the correct order.

1) On Saturday we have a very active rest: we go cycling, running and riding.

2) On Sunday we usually meet up with our family friends.

3) After breakfast cleaning begins.

4) Finally I give a big kiss to my parents and go to bed.

5) In the evening I often go clubbing.

6) On Saturday morning I get up later than usual.

7) In the evening my sister organizes concerts.

Task 15. Retell the text.

Additional Reading

Task 16. Discuss the following questions with your partner.

1) Do you usually plan your weekend or not?

2) Have you ever had a very bad weekend? Tell about it to your friends.

Task 17. Read and translate the text given below.

An Awful Weekend

Last month my friend and I were looking forward to our weekend. We wanted to go to the sea for two days. We thought it would be the best weekend in our lives. We had chosen the tour carefully and had spent hours looking through different brochures. Finally we decided on a luxurious modern four-star hotel near a long gold beach. From the brochure it looked like a hotel for the rich and famous people. Then, before we knew it, it was time to leave.

The journey went smoothly, but as soon as we arrived at the hotel, I felt that something was wrong. The entrance looked dark and old-fashioned and there were hardly any guests to be seen. Extremely disappointed, we went to the beach to relax. After some time we found a horrible small stone beach. There was hardly anyone there - only an old man. We were afraid to lie down because the beach was extremely dirty, so we went back to the hotel to have dinner. Yet again we were disappointed. The food tasted awful and we were served by unskilled, stone-faced waiters and we hardly ate anything. All we could think about was going home.

Well, we are back home now and still waiting for an apology from the travel company. We want our money back but there are no results yet. It was the most awful weekend in my life. I will never visit that place again.

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