B. Read the sentences. Complete each sentence with one of the words in bold from ex.A. change the from if necessary.

1. It’s only recently that ‘birthing partners’ have been allowed to be present in the _____________room.

2. Behind the iris is the soft, elastic ______________that widens or contracts under different lighting conditions.

3. The ________will need to take the prescription to the pharmacist in order to get the medication.

4. The heart is a muscular pump, dependent on a series of four ____________that enable it to function.

5. Take the patient’s ___________by asking him or her about their past and current medical problems.

6. You will be taken down to _____________for your operation once you have been seen by the anesthetist.

7. The patient was _________to the Emergency Unit following a near-fatal car-accident, and is currently on a ____________.

8. The nurse will change the _________on your wound now, but the ________on your leg won’t come off for another week or so.

2.2 Смешение графического облика слов.
Это явление широко распространено на первых этапах перевода английской научно-технической литературы. Если обратить внимание на наиболее распространенные случаи смешения графического облика слов, то можно предупредить ошибки, в основном обусловленные невнимательностью.

1. Only — the only.
Хорошо известное наречие only — «только» часто смешивают с the only, которое означает «единственный».
Наличие перед only артикля указывает на то, что the only является прилагательным, отвечающим на вопрос «какой». Следовательно, the only не может означать «только», а переводится как «единственный».
He was the only expert who accepted our point of view.

2. Some — the same.
Some — количественное местоимение.
The same —прилагательное со значением «тот же». Хотя это хорошо известно, эти слова нередко путают.
We had the same problem with some diagnostic procedure.
The patient was asked some questions.

3. Because — because of.
Because — союз «потому что», и за ним следует подлежащее.
Because of— предлог «из-за», «вследствие», и за ним следует обстоятельство.
Смешение этих двух значений приводит к искажению перевода. Замена предлога союзом превращает обстоятельство в подлежащее и, соответственно, неличную форму глагола или другую часть речи — в сказуемое, что ведет к искажению смысла предложения.

Упражнение 1.
Установите значение следующих слов, значение которых также не следует смешивать.
1.tо accept - to except
2. tо affect— to effect
3. about — above
4. tо ascribe — to describe
5. tо arise — to rise
6. tо attack — to attach
7. band — bond
8. beside — besides
9. before long — long before
10. coarse— course— of course
11. tо confirm — to conform with
12. considerable— considered
16. continuous — continued
Упражнение 2.
Изучите пары слов и приведите примеры употребления некоторых из них.
1. Except — «за исключением», to expect — «ожидать»
2. Ingenious— «изобретательный»; ingenuous— «простой»
3. Inter (приставка) — «между»; intra (приставка) —«внутри»
4. Last — «последний»; at last — «наконец»
5. Least — «наименьший»; at least — «по крайней мере»
6. То note — «отмечать»; to notice — «замечать»
7. Object — «цель», «предмет»; to object — «возражать»
8. Once — «однажды»; at once — «тотчас», «немедленно»
9. Present — «присутствующий», «настоящий»; to present — «представлять»; to be present — «присутствовать»
10. Principal — «главный»; principle — «принцип»
11. To precede— «предшествовать»; to proceed— «протекать»
12. To prove — «доказывать», «оказываться»; to provide —«Давать», «обеспечивать»
13. Successive — «последовательный»; successful — «успешный»
14. Unable— «неспособный»; to enable— «позволять» «давать возможность»
15. Variable— «переменный», «переменная величина»-various — «разнообразный», varied — «различный»
16. То vary — «изменять(ся)»; very — «очень».
Упражнение 3.
Проанализируйте употребление слов со смешением графического образа.
1. The lecturer usually delivers the material very clearly, so no questions arise.
2. The temperature of the Moon's surface begins quickly to rise as soon as the sun rises over the lunar horizon.
3. Many senior tutors raise their skill at the classes of doctors’ skills upgrading department.
4. Besides sport clubs, reading clubs and debating clubs аre very popular among Oxbridge students.
5. Scientific research is being carried on is all higher schools bеsides educational work.
6. All previous cases of unsatisfactory operation of the machine must be taken, into account in the finishing experiment.
7. In case of good weather the aircraft will reach the polar station in seven hours.
8. In the course of training students of a higher school do much practical work.
9. Some students in Russia except for those who do not study properly receive state grants.
10. The further investigation of the problem seems to be unreasonable.
⃰11. Wide use of plastics in everyday life is a characteristics feature of our age.
12. Future social workers not only master their specialty but also take an active part in social life.
13. In the last half of the 19th century chemists tried to obtain new synthetic materials.
14. Russian higher schools helped to train more than 110,000 foreign specialists in the last 25 years.
15. All tests were conducted at least twice.
16. The nucleus is built up of a number of particles of nearly equal mass.
17. The number of scientists who gave their lives in the name of Science is great all over the world.
18. D.I. Mendeleev arranged the elements in the order of their chemical weights.
19. D.I. Mendeleev not only suggested new elements but also predicted their properties.
20. It is very difficult for some sportsmen to reach the best form after injuries again.
21. Citizens who reached the age of 18 may be elected to the local administration.
22. Some people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors, some go outdoors.
23. In London there are several streets or roads with the same name.
24. The students successfully coped with the task but none of them did it better or quicker than computer.
25. Successful work of a hospital depends upon many factors.
26. The scientist tested the reliability of his new device in a number of successive operations.
27. The readings of the device may vary greatly during one hour.
28. The climate of the Russia varies considerably if you move from the North to the South.
29. It is generally recognized that special subjects have great value for education.
30. The volume of gas is highly dependent on temperature.



⃰ Упражнение4.
How can an English-English dictionary help you understand and produce spoken and written English?

A) Study the following dictionary extract:

B) Answer the questions:
1) How many meanings does the word medication have? What about medicine?
2) Where is the stress in the word medicine? What about medicinal?

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