Task 10. Express the following in English. Mind the modal verbs.

1. Вы можете и должны хорошо знать историю нашей страны.

2. Вы умеете кататься на коньках? – Нет.

3. Я не мог прийти, т.к. был занят.

4. не может быть, чтобы он написал такое письмо!

5. Мне нужно приходить сюда завтра?

6. Вы не должны опаздывать на занятия. Вы обязаны приходить вовремя.

7. нам пришлось долго ждать.

8. Вчера мне не нужно было идти в университет, поэтому мне не пришлось рано вставать.

9. Что делает Ник? – Он, наверное, смотрит телевизор.

10. Дети, наш концерт окончился. Вы можете идти домой.

11. Поезд должен прибыть через пять минут.

12. Тетя Поли больна. Вам бы следовало ее навестить.



Task 11. Answer the following questions using the information from the text “My Home University”:

1. How old is Tambov State University?

2. How many students study at Tambov State University?

3. How many majors does Tambov State University provide?

4. What subdivisions of Tambov State University can you recall?

5. What International programs does Tambov State University collaborate with?

6. What scientific degrees do the majority of the lecturers of Tambov State University have?

7. What Honoured Scientists of Russian Federation being your lecturers do you know?


Task 12.. Choose the most appropriate bit of information from the text “My Home University” for the following sentences:

1. TSU was founded on the basis of…

A. Tambov State Pedagogical Institute

B. Tambov State Institute of Culture and Tambov Music High School

C. Tambov State Pedagogical Institute and Tambov State Institute of Culture.


2. TSU is a … University.

A. pedagogical

B. classical

C. open.


3. All the Institutes and Academies of TSU have necessary facilities and modern equipment for …

A. study

B. scientific research

C. study and research.


4. Each term at the university is followed by …

A. stipend

B. a course paper

C. a session period.


5. Academic year lasts …

A. from September to January

B. from September to June

C. from September to May.


Task 13. Put T (true), F (false) or D (debatable) in the table:


Statement T F D
1. Tambov State Pedagogical Institute is the basis of TSU.      
2. TSU provides only training highly skilled specialists in humanities and natural sciences.      
3. TSU offers many opportunities for graduates to study at a higher level - full-time and part-time.      
4. TSU participates in many international programs.      
5. There is no library at the University.      
6. Many students live in rented rooms as there is no university hostels.      
7. In buffets it is possible to have a bite.      
8. The academic staff of the University consists of doctors of sciences.      
9. All University hostels are very convenient and comfortable for living.      
10. Full-time students study five days a week.      


Task 14. Look at the text “My Home University” and think out the headlines for each paragraph. Make up a plan of the text.


Task 15. Make up a summary of the text “My Home University”.


Task 16. Using a plan of the text make up a topic “I am a student of Tambov State University”.

Additional reading

Task 17. Render the following text into Russian:

Open University

The Open University (OU) is the UK's distance learning university and has an open entry policy, i.e. students' previous academic achievements are not taken into account for entry to most undergraduate courses . It was established in 1969; and the first students started in January 1971. The majority of students are based in the UK, but its courses can be studied anywhere in the world. The administration is based at Walton Hall, Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, but has regional centres in each of its thirteen regions around the UK. It also has offices in other European countries. The university awards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates.

People from all walks of life and all ages take advantage of the OU; for most courses there are no entry requirements other than the ability to study at an appropriate level, though most postgraduate courses require evidence of previous study or equivalent life experience.

Approximately 70 percent of students are in full-time employment, often working towards a first (or additional) degree or qualification to progress or change their career, with over 50,000 being sponsored by their employer. The University is also popular with those who cannot physically attend a traditional university because they are disabled, abroad, in prison, serving in the armed forces, or looking after family members. About 10,000 OU students have disabilities.

Unlike other universities, where students register for a programme, at the OU students register separately for individual modules (which may be 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 CATs points), and are known as 'courses' in the OU context. These courses may then be linked into degree programmes. The students' union is the Open University Students Association, usually abbreviated to OUSA.

The OU uses a variety of methods for distance learning, including written and audio materials, the Internet, disc-based software and television programmes on DVD. Course-based television broadcasts by the BBC, which started on 3 January 1971, ceased on 15 December 2006. Materials are composed of originally-authored work by in-house and external academic contributors, and from third-party materials licensed for use by OU students. For most courses, students are supported by tutors ("Associate Lecturers") who provide feedback on their work and are generally available to them at face-to-face tutorials, by telephone, and/or on the Internet. A number of short courses worth ten points are now available that do not have an assigned tutor but offer an online conferencing service (Internet Forum) where help and advice is offered through conferencing "Moderators".

Unit III. My working day. My week-end.

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