De Santis is well known as the leading manufacturer in Italy of labelling and cartoning machines. Since 1933, the company has continued its policy of being the most specialized manufacturer of can handling and labelling machinery. De Santis offers a comprehensive range of can handling machinery. The products and services of this company include:

· Crate unloaders, for round and square baskets;

· Unscramblers, both vibratory for tall and rotary flat cans;

· Converging and dividing units, for precise feeding of one or more lines;

· Labelling machines, in standard models for speeding up to 400cpm and “Express”, the high speed model for speeding up to 800 cpm;

· Case packers, available in two types of models for single or multiple line (output up to 1,000 cpm), including automatic case erector;

· Case gluers-sealers, utilize the hot melt method to seal cartons (top and/or bottoms) at speeds up to 50 cpm (tape also available);

· Shrink-wrapping machines, fully automatic and semiautomatic for small/medium speed;

· Special units, that may be studied in accordance with the requirements of the customers.

This willingness to help the processor has been the basis of their success for the last 70 years. De Santis units have been installed and in operation for many years all around the world with the complete satisfaction of our customers. Another element of De Santis success is the immediate availability and delivery of spare parts, even many years after being installed.

Exercise 2. Give the English equivalents for the following words and phrases:


Ведущий производитель, маркировочные машины, специализироваться, в соответствии с, устанавливать, работать, пригодность, доставка, полностью автоматизированный, использовать, запечатывать, производительность, полуавтомат


Exercise 3.Make your own sentences with the given phrases:


can handling and labelling machinery, in operation for many years, the basis of their success, the high speed model, the products and services include

Exercise 4. Fill in the table using the information from the text:


The name of the company  
The field of activity  
The time of working on the market  
The list of production  
The reasons of successful work  


Exercise 5. Imagine that you are a reporter of a famous newspaper and you are to write an article about a company producing the modern packaging equipment for food industry. You are speaking to one of the managers of De Santis company. Ask him about the company. Make a dialogue with your partner.




Exercise 1. Read the articles from the magazine “Food Engineering” and speak about the advantages of these units:


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