New labeler interfaces with many machines

A new labeling device from EPI Production Labelers is able to interface with many packaging machines such as Hayssen, Woodman, Wright, Triangle, and Mirapac. With three simple adjustments the labeler can accommodate bag size or label changes.

The labeler comes in three sizes: the three-inch web, designed to dispense a lable three inches high and four inches wide, the six-inch labeler for six-inch by five-inch labels, and the eight-inch machine for eight-inch by five inch labels. A number of optional features are available for the manufacture of small labels.

The unit can be used in various applications such as meat, pasta, candy and coffee. It can also affix labels to a number of containers: plastic, corrugated board, clear film and case tapers.

Two types of printers can be used on the labeler, the wet ink and hot stamp on the hot stamp, different colored ribbons can be affixed, providing seasonal options to the packaging.


Exercise 1. Discuss the necessity of this device in food production with your group mate and prove the idea that it’s really worth applying.


Use the phrases: I think, I guess, I consider, the fact is, we must pay attention to…, it’s important that…, etc.



Exercise 2. Fill in the table, and then compare it with your partner’s:


advantages disadvantages



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