Ultrasonic sensing replaces tedious manual measurements

Mallot & Company, Inc., based in Carnegie, PA, is a supplier of cooking oils and shortenings for the consumer, restaurant, and bakery markets. As a purchaser of commodity products, being profitable depends partly on the timing of purchases and extremely accurate inventory control, Mallot can purchase the amount needed as market prices fluctuate, without excess or shortage conditions arising.

The company has a number of oil storage tanks containing cooking oil stored at 150˚F. Previously, inventory control was performed by a foreman climbing up on a catwalk 30 feet above the ground to visually inspect the level of oil by opening an inspection port and looking into the tank.

Mallot chose the Opcon UC60-LN1A ultrasonic sensor to replace this manual inspection process. The stainless steel, fully-potted package and remote readout capabilities made the sensor well suited for the high temperature operating environment. The sensors were mounted in the top of the storage tanks with the output fed to remote panel meter located in the supervisor’s office about 40 feet away. The system fulfilled all major requirements needed by the processor. The measurement accuracy offered by the sensors is viewed as a significant enhancement to the system.


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