Fish industry complex of the region is presented by more than 170 fish catching and fishes processing enterprises with labour force of 12 thousand persons. The main scientific organisations and professional educational institutions of the region are concentrated in Murmansk.

One of the largest enterprises of fish processing is PC "Nord West F.C.". founded in 1989. PC "Protein", fish growing plant CC "Arctic-Salmon", CC "Med-Cap", JSC "Sevryba", Murmansk group of fish processing factories, fish processing Complex "Gulf stream", "Murmanrybprom", "Murmansk Trawler Fleet" and others also present fish industry in Murmansk region.

Murmansk Trawler Fleet is one of the largest fishery enterprises in the country. It was the beginning of home industrial fishery. Trawler Fleet became an ancestor of a number of fish industry enterprises of the North. It gave birth to Murmansk shipyard, Murmansk group of fish processing factories, fish port, fishing gear factory. Fleet makes it's fishery in different parts of the World Ocean and fishes out following species of fish: halibut, sardine, cod, haddock, flounder, capeline, mackerel, herring, hake, saithe, perch and others. Within a year it is produced: 191000 tons of frozen and chilled fish, 5.200 tons of fish meal, 0.70 tons of cod-liver oil. The total number of workers in ОАО "MTF" is 5958 people. The main industrial force of Fleet is fishery vessels. There are 68 fishing vessels. MTF's production is being exported to the UK, Iceland, Spain, Canada, Chine, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Portugal and other countries. It is also being supplied to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Karelia and to all European part of Russia.

JSC "Nord-West F. C." was founded in 1989. Since that time the company has been proudly working for many years to bring the customer the best possible quality that could be found in fish production. The firm began with a small factory manufacturing a couple of fish products but today the company's production range exceeds 250 fish and meat items for sale both in Russia and CIS, as well as for export to Europe and the USA. More-specifically, the firm's business is to process cod, Greenland halibut, salmon, sturgeon, wolfish and pelagic species, to produce a range of cold smoked sliced fillets, mildly salted and sliced/whole fillets, frozen fillet blocks, IQF fillets, cold smoked pelagics, canned items, preserves and fish mince. Products are either vacuum-packed or boxed. Today Nord West employs more than 600 people. The combine as it is made up of two fish processing departments, one meat processing factory, a fishing fleet, a fleet of reefer trucks and both a retail and wholesale trading network, summed up the deputy commercial director.

The Murmansk group of fish processing factories is 12 highly developed modem enterprises with up-to-date equipment. They include factories and shops for fish chilling, smoking, and canning, and also fish meal and fish oil processing plants. All those enterprises manufacture a wide range of chilled, salted, frozen, cooked, smoked, dried, canned, marinated fish and ready-to-cook products. By catch and byproducts are utilized as an industrial raw material for fish meal and fish oil production. They produce 291 items of fish finished products both for human consumption and industrial purposes. Halibut, cod, haddock, red-fish, flounder, mackerel, capeline are used for these purposes. (canned fish - 33 items, marinated fish - 25 items, smoked fish - 68 items, cooked fish -26 items, fish oil - 3 items and some chilled and salted fish.)The average daily turnover of each fish processing plant is about 35 tons of fish finished products and ready-to-cook products.

All these companies and organisations supply their production on the Murmansk fish products market, which makes it colourful, various and satisfying all customer's inquiries. Today it is represented by hundreds of items of fish products to any buyer's taste.


Exercise 3.Give the Russian equivalents for the following names of fish products:


chilled fish, smoked fish, fish meal, fish oil, salted fish, frozen fish, cooked fish, dried fish, canned fish, marinated fish, ready-to-cook productsб cold smoked sliced fillets, mildly salted and sliced/whole fillets, frozen fillet blocks, IQF fillets, cold smoked pelagics, canned items, preserves and fish mince.


Exercise 4.Make a short plan of the text and speak about the mainides of it in some sentences.


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