Wrapping systems offers many advantages

The Omnitrac is a flexible horizontal form/fill/seal wrapping system designed for the manufacturers of candy, confectionary and biscuit products. The unit is available from JR Omnisys, a joint venture of James River Corporation and Omnitech plc of England.

The Omnitrac has a modular design which reduces capital costs and system flexibility which allows the unit to interface with competitive systems or custom build a line. Customers can select a free standing machine or alternatively a series of modules which can be linked together to provide a total packaging system.

The microprocessor control system monitors and updates all functions associated with products, modules and materials. Production flow, type of product or the size of packaging can be programmed directly into the console so that switching from one product to another is automatic with no interruption of the line.

The Omnitrac system is being offered initially in both a cold-seal and heat-seal format for single and multi-pack capabilities. Various models are available with packaging speeds ranging from 150 packages per minute to 1,000 packages per minute.


Exercise 2. Fill in the table, and then compare it with your partner’s:


advantages disadvantages


Exercise 3. Translate the article in written form with the help of a dictionary.


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