Read through the following paragraph and practise introducing yourself to a roomful of people.

How to Introduce Yourself to a Roomful of People

At times, a self-introduction may be one-sided – such as when a roomful1 of people are asked to introduce themselves. In this case, you may be asked to provide specific information, but at other times you may be free to respond in any manner you choose. The first case is easy – just remember to include a greeting, your name, and all the requested information (regardless2 of the responses of previous3 participants).

Focus On Three Things Only

When the introduction details are your choice, be conversational and brief, focusing on only three things. The idea is to build rapport4. By choosing just three things, your introduction will be more memorable. For example, for a very short introduction I might say something like,

“Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa, Lisa Marshall. I’m a professional speaker and author who enjoys dancing and photography.”

For a longer answer I might say something like…

“Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa, Lisa B. Marshall. I’m a professional speaker and author. I specialize in communication skills and I’m excited because my new audiobook on interviewing skills will be released shortly. I enjoy dancing, although4 I’m not that good at it. I really love Latin music and salsa dancing is my favourite. I also enjoy photography. In fact, I am thinking of buying myself a digital SLR5 for my upcoming birthday.”

Lisa B. Marshall


1 roomful – полная комната (людей, гостей и т.п.)

2 regardless – не обращая внимания, невзирая на

3 previous – предыдущий, предшествующий

4 build rapport – установить контакт с кем-л.

5 although – хотя

6 digital SLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) – цифровой однообъективный зеркальный фотоаппарат

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