Requirements to the personnel of fire-and-wrecking units.


Extinguishing the fires, wrecking of passengers and crews require from the personnel of fire-and-wrecking units high vocational training, initiative and good organization, and tense, character of rescue works related to the risk — decision, boldness and physical training. Fires on an aircraft differ by speed of progression, rapid destruction of an aircraft structure, influence of high temperatures and toxic combustion materials, possible explosions of fuel tanks and fire aviation fuel discharge.

The analysis results have shown that the fire factors in the cabins dangerous for the life of people have appeared already through 2-3 min after its ignition.

The selection of personnel at the reception for a work in fire-and-wrecking units counts for a great deal. Persons that have an experience in paramilitary fire-fighting detachments of other departments, or aviation-and-technical specialists have a priority in the reception for such work. To such posts the women and males above 55 years aren’t appointed. To posts of drivers of fire engines, drivers are appointed only with 1st-2nd classes.

High professionalism and good organization are got during learning process according to a special curriculum and periodic training as a part of crew or unit. A decision and boldness are made on hands-on training in a realistic training.


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