Fire prevention system requirements.


The prevention of conflagration necessary to reach by two methods:

1) the prevention of formation of combustible environment;

2) the prevention of formation in combustible environment (or payment and it) of lighting sources.

Prevention of formation of combustible environment one should to provide:

- by using incombustible and heavily combustible matters and materials;

- by limitation of mass and (or) volume of combustible matters, materials and by most safe method of their placing;

- by insulation of combustible environment;

- by concentration maintenance of combustible gases, steam, dust and (or) oxidant in mixture outside boundary paths of their inflammation;


- by maintenance of its temperature and pressure, at which diffusion excludes of flame;

- by maximum mechanization and automation of technological processes of combustible matters associated with pumping over;

- by setting of fire danger equipment if possible in incommunicado workplaces or on open grounds;

- by application for combustible matters of hermetic equipment and package;

- by application of defense devices of production equipment with combustible matters from damages and failures, setting of devices cutting off, cut off and other;

- by application of incommunicado compartments, chambers, booths and so on.

Prevention to formation in combustible environment of lighting sources one should to reach by:

- using engines, mechanisms, equipment, devices, at maintenance of which the lighting sources do not grow up;

- using power installations, suitable to zones fire-dangerous and explosive, groups and categories of explosive mixture for electric installations arrangement Regulations requirements [3];

- using in construction of fast-acting methods of protective cutting off of possible lighting sources;

- using technological process and equipment, that satisfies requirements of electrostatic spark-safety on STATE STANDARD ГОСТ11.018 - 86;

- providing lightning protection to buildings and equipment;


- engines surfaces heating temperature maintenance, mechanisms, equipment, devices, matters and materials, which can come in into contact with combustible environment, beneath maximum admissible, which composes 80 % from least fuel self-ignition temperature;

- exclusion of appearance possibility of spark digit in combustible environment with energy, which is equal or higher from minimum lighting energy;

- application of instrument, that does not spark at work by liquids, that lightly flare up, and combustible gases;

- conditions liquidation for chemical and (or) microbiological spontaneous combustion thermal, of matters, materials, wares and constructions, that transform;

- removal of contact with air of pyrophore matters;

- underestimation of attributive dimension of combustible environment beneath maximum admissible on combustibility;

- execution of fixed regulations of fire safety.

Fire safety of the object is provided also by limitation of mass and (or) volume of combustible matters and materials, and also most safe method of their placing by:

- underestimation of mass and (or) volume of combustible matters and materials, that are found for hours together in workplace or on open grounds;

- arrangement of emergency weathering of fire hazarded liquids and emergency issue of combustible gases from apparatus;

- periodic territory clearance, where an object disposes, workplaces, communications, apparatus from combustible departures, deposit of dust, to fuzz and etc.

- abbreviation of number of work places, where use the fire dangerous matters;



- moving away of fire hazarded production outcomes;

-liquids replacement, that lightly flare up (ЛВЖ), and combustible (ГЖ) liquids on fire danger technical detergent methods.


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