Requirements to the communication facilities and reporting ones.


The successful performance of wrecking and extinguishing the fires on an aircraft in large relies must depend on the well organized communication and reporting facilities. According to rules of fitness next communication facilities and reporting ones must be foreseen on the airfields for emergencies:

1. Direct speakerphone or telephone communication of flight operations officer and flying control officers (take-off, taxiing, landing) with the fire-and-wrecking service.

Direct communication from the air traffic control authority by air motion must enter the fire-and-wrecking service on the control board to the controller of a stand. If there are two fire-and-wrecking services on the airfield, thus this communication is displayed on the basic station. At presence of technical equipment it’s desirable to equip both fire-and-wrecking services with such communic

2. If there are 2 fire-and-wrecking services on the aerodrome, than they also must have a direct telephone communication or speakerphone for duplication of reports between itself about an emergency situation.

The service rooms of the wrecking stations (garage parking, relief crew room, classes for studying, cabinets, cloak-rooms, dining rooms etc.) must be equipped with automatic alarm, with speakerphone for notification and collection of personnel on an alert. The starters to enable the alert and microphones to inform the casualty report must be set on the board of the centralized supervision and on a tower for the supervision after take-off and landing of an aircraft, and on the auxiliary wrecking-and-rescue station — at the chief of starting fire-and-wrecking unit and on the tower of supervision action.


3. The airfield fire engines must be radio-equipped for communication between itself and the wrecking-and-rescue station.

4. The wrecking-and-rescue station has a communication with an output on city and airport house telephone system, and for the call of interactive fire units of MIA, in addition, direct telephone or radio communication with the central fire control board of MIA or with the nearest paramilitary fire-fighting detachment.

5. To perform wrecking on an aircraft and for attraction to this work of all the services, that are the part of wrecking-and-rescue unit, integrated communication and notification systems are developed on the airfields, in which an order and sequence of services notification and interactive organizations are foreseen under an aviation emergency.

From the point of view of fire-and-wrecking units operative intervention into the process of extinguishing the fire, the timeliness of notification about an emergency situation is of fundamental importance for fire-and-wrecking units.

If an aviation emergency is accompanied by a fire, thus the correctly chosen notification sequence is the important element of notification responsiveness. Fire-and-wrecking units are informed first of all, and the progress of all the operation on performance of wrecking depends on efficiency of actions.

It must be kept in mind and it is necessary to remember that well established usage of communication and notification facility, accuracy in its application to a large extent increase an efficiency of work of fire-and-wrecking units, and, finally, result in the economy of those minutes and seconds which can turn out deciding for life saving from an ignescent aircraft.

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