Requirements to the level of the airfields fire protection.


The main point of requirements is taken to every civil airdrome depending on dimensions and frequency of traffic of airships that regularly use this airfield, the standard supply of extinguishers which are delivered on fire engines to the place of aviation emergency at a stated time is provided. The volume of these extinguishers is calculated according to a methodic of ICAO.

As basis of a computation it is accepted:

1) possible area of the aviation fuel poured out in the place of an aviation emergency, so called critical area which depends on length and width of aircraft fuselage;

2) intensity of extinguisher supply for extinguishing the aviation fuel poured out;


3) estimated time of extinguishing air fuel within the limits of practical critical area;

4) type of extinguishant and its fire-extinguishing ability.

All airfields according to the level of necessary fire protection (LNFP) are subdivided into 9 categories.

The norms of suitability are assumed on the airfields of 1-3 categories of LNFP, where there are no stuff fire-and-wrecking unit, to carry out providing of level of necessary fire protection according to the plans of cooperation with organizations and enterprises of other ministries and departments. Thesecan be fire departments of MFA, and professional fire crews of industrial and agricultural enterprises, collective farms that after the mutually concerted plans of cooperation allocate necessary amount of fire engineering, extinguishers, special equipment, and personnel to perform wrecking under aviation emergency.

In addition, it is foreseen by norms, that there will be the following wrecking facilities on these airfields necessarily: fire extinguishers of type OУ-80, engine-driven pumps, water supply source with the water supply no less than 10 m3, emergency axes and sawings, aerial ladders, grapnel hook, life-saving line, bench tool, first-aid pack (lantern). All it has to be saved in the special compact packing and in case of need to be delivered to the place of aviation emergency in the earliest possible time.

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