Coordination of cooperation of the airfield fire-and-wrecking subdivisions with paramilitary pire-fighting detachments of other services.


The primary objective of operational cooperation of fire-and-wrecking units of airports with paramilitary fire-fighting detachmentsof Ministry of Internal Affairs or other departments consists in intensification of fire-and-wrecking units and creation of necessary reserve of forces and facilities for the successful fight against postfault fires and life saving as soon as possible.

Call of fire units of MIA or other departments, disposing the forces and facilities, and also cooperation with wrecking units of airports are carried out according the predetermined established order, committed in documents that is approved by airport authority and interactive organizations.


For example, in an operations plan, in more detail the airline characteristics according to the place of its position (remoteness from the nearest paramilitary fire-fighting detachment; time that is necessary for their arrival in an airport counting from the moment of receiving of alarm), condition of roads to the vitally important objects, condition of water-supply of the airfield, types and short description of the aircraft, that are under exploit, forces and facilities description of fire units of an airport, calculation of forces and facilities for fires extinguishing on an aircraft, computation of fire engineering and personnel of interactive organizations, that are engaged in a work on extinguishing of the fires and life saving at a failure on an aircraft.

In addition, in this document basic recommendations on organization of fires extinguishing on aircraft are given, charts of disposing of fire engineering at extinguishing of different types of aviation and ground fires, methods of safety engineering during performance of wrecking works and fires extinguishing.


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