Requirements to Deployment Duration of Fire and-wrecking Service.


Deployment durationof development is a time period counting from a moment of receiving by the personnel of fire-and-wreckingunit of a signal “Alarm” to the moment of extinguisher supplying start on fire extinguishing by the first fire engine arrived.

Deployment durationhas the important value exceptionally, as an efficiency of fighting with the aviation fire and life saving, who are present on the board of aircraft under emergency, depend on that, as far as quickly fire-and-wrecking units will begin the fire massive attack. First, it is connected, with transience of fire propagation on an aircraft and high temperature in the burning area. So, at the fire of airfuel poured out under a fuselage already through 2-3 min, and in other case — earlier, there is the burnout of fuselage skin and fire occurrence in a passenger cabin, cockpit and on along all the airplane. Therefore, the recommendations of ICAO contain the requirement, that deployment duration of fire-and-wrecking unit will not exceed 3 min. at the end of each runway. Deployment durationis determined experimentally at the optimum visibility conditions and state of road carpet.

In practical activity, the important matter is the detailed study of time of deployment duration with the purpose of its dividing on constituents and receiving the pictorial picture of factors and bottlenecks that affect this size.


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