XI. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, выбрав правильную форму сказуемого (Active or Passive).

1. Tomas Edison began to work at the railway, when he (was selling; was being sold) newspapers and snack. 2. You can’t take this tape-recorder because it (has not repaired; has not been repaired) yet. 3. Tickets usually (sell; are sold) long before the train departure. 4. I was late because of my watch. It (has stopped; has been stopped). 5. I leased another car, while mine (was repairing; was being repaired). 6. The Channel Tunnel (has used; has been used) since 1994. It (connects; is connected) Great Britain with the Continent. 7. Automatic ticket-selling machines (are developing; are being developed) for the improvement of passenger service at the railway stations. 8. Fuelling stations (situate; are situated) along the highway at frequent intervals. 9. The pipe (is leaking; is being leaked) at the joint. 10. The electrical equipment (will supply; will be supplied) by a Japanese firm. 11. The construction of the first steam locomotive in Russia (connects; is connected) with the name of the Cherepanovs. 12. During peak hours the Metro trains (run; are run) with small intervals. 13. The old engine (has replaced; has been replaced) by a new and more powerful one. 14. The discussion (had not started; had not been started) before the chief engineer came. 15 The old bridge over the river (was reconstructing; was being reconstructed) for 6 months. 16. Radio (uses; is used) for communication and remote control.


XII. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление модальных глаголов must, can, may, need, should.

1. You may wait in the office till it stops raining. 2. The plan must be completely changed. 3. The cursor on the screen can be moved with the help of the mouse. 4. You should maintain your bicycle brakes. 5. You need not write this letter. I’ll phone them. 6. You may take any of these instruments, because I don’t need them now. 7. You mustn’t cross the street when the red light is on. 8. Luckily I could catch a taxi. 9. Drivers should not surpass the speed of 60 km within the city limits. 10. You need not go to the conference; you may send your deputy. 11. Can you show me the way to the station? 12. We needn’t be in a hurry – we have got plenty of time. 13. You must hurry up; we may be late. 14. Never put till tomorrow what you can do today. 15. He can’t drive a car but he should learn. 16. The internal combustion engines can operate on oil, kerosene or benzene. 17. In some trains of high comfort a passenger can order dinner or supper directly to his compartment. 18. These parts of the engine must be replaced. 19. You needn’t copy this text; I’ll give you a Xerox of this page. 20. Something was wrong with the car; he couldn’t start it. 21. If you park in no-parking zone, the traffic police can tow away your car. You can’t pick it up until you pay a fine.


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