X. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму. Предложения прочитайте и переведите.

1. When I (to comePast Indefinite Active) to Baku in 1962, the first Metro line (to buildPast Continuous Passive) there. 2. Some changes (to make – Present Perfect Passive) in the original design. 3. When the fire brigade (to arrivePast Indefinite Active), the fire (to destroyPast Perfect Active) already the building. 4. The overall control of the system (to doPresent Continuous Passive) by computers. 5. Competition between transport modes (to intensifyPresent Continuous Active) now. 6. He (to drivePast Continuous Active) home when he (to hearPast Indefinite Active) the news on the radio. 7. The consumption of electricity (to doublePresent Perfect Active) every 10 years. 8. I (to tellPast Indefinite Passive) that the documents for my business trip (to signPresent Perfect Passive) already. 9. I (to takePresent Perfect Active) somebody else’s suitcase by mistake. 10. This line (to upgradePresent Continuous Passive) to carry heavier volumes of freight and passenger traffic. 11. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (to makePresent Perfect Active) a loan of $US 120 to the Russian Ministry of Railways for the railway rehabilitation project. 12. Similar results (to achievePresent Perfect Passive) by 2 scientists in the course of their work. 13. The problem of the old marshalling yard reconstruction (to discuss – Present Continuous Passive) now. 14. A lot of people (to waitPast Continuous Active) for the bus arrival at the stop. 15. I (to find – Past Indefinite Active) the information about this invention on the Internet. 16. He (to spendPresent Indefinite Active) all his spare time driving his new car. 17. She (to advisePast Indefinite Passive) to find another job. 18. A totally new ticket-vending system (to installPresent Perfect Passive) at our terminal. 19. The train (to approachPresent Continuous Active) Moscow; let’s start packing. 20. Many people (to bePast Indefinite Active) afraid of the railways when they first (to appearPast Indefinite Active).


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